Involve Autism a “Voice” for autism in our local community

We are a voluntary parent led support and advocacy group based in Dublin 6/6w.

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Peer Support

Provide support to parents and guardians through meetings, events and social engagement


We are a voice for autism in our local community and support families and promote inclusion and acceptance.

Social inclusion

Build the understanding, awareness, and capacity of local communities to enable participation and inclusion

& Awareness

Empower parents and guardians to effectively secure their children’s rights through capacity building

How it began

Involve Autism was founded in 2018 by a group of parents/guardians of autistic children in the D6/D6w area of South Dublin. Our founders came together to advocate for the establishment of appropriate school placements for their autistic children in their local community.

Involve Autism was also very aware of the lack of support that was available for parents/guardians of autistic children in the area. Involve Autism now holds bi-monthly support meetings, is strongly involved in advocacy particularly with reference to education and holds events plus runs clubs in the local area for their autistic children. Its three pillars are Support, Advocacy and Inclusion. Involve Autism has developed a number of key positive partnerships both in the community and nationally since it was founded in 2018.

Our advocacy has led us to being invited into the Dáil Éireann on a number of occasions by political representatives. We presented to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Autism in October 2022 and were part of the Ombudsman For Children’s “Plan For Places” Report in June 2022. We have featured in a number of newspaper articles and have been interviewed for national radio, TV and leading podcasts.

Involve Autism held two large public meetings in St Mary’s College RFC to shine a spotlight on the lack of appropriate placements for autistic children in South Dublin, one in February 2020 and the other in April 2022. Our advocacy continues.

Involve Autism are members of the National Federation of Arch Clubs


Our scope continues to increase, and we embrace that fact as it means our work is having a positive impact. But with the increased workload comes increased costs. We have great ambitions for Dublin 6 and 6w so if you would like to pledge a donation it would be greatly appreciated.

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